Just Deliveries wishes for Mumbai roads to have less commercial vehicle congestion. Through our shared van network, we ensure each delivery vehicle services multiple customers.
We offer reliable and efficient logistics services to F&B businesses so they don’t need to own their own temperature controlled trucks and vans. Our vision is to innovate to make deliveries of perishable food items easier.

Our Story

The idea of a building a shared economy came to me one day when I was dropping my son to school. As I waited at the traffic lights, I noticed a tempo unloading crates of food at a restaurant outlet. I couldn’t help but notice the shabby state of the tempo, the dirty flooring and, where ice blocks were used to keep the food cool. The delivery helper, sweaty from the crazy heat was directly handling food items with his bare hands.
Why can’t there be a better way to do this? I asked myself.
As I began noticing the food industry closer, I saw the huge growth happening in India – I realized the sheer volumes of food movement happening daily within Mumbai alone. Food tech players like Swiggy and Zomato have made food delivery from outlets to you and me easy, but what happens to the backend logistics which actually feeds these very growing chains, the actual backbone to the F&B industry?
    I remember standing outside modern trade stores – like a nature’s basket, a Star Bazaar – early in the morning and watch several vehicles deliver crates of food inventory for various brands – now imagine – each of their vehicles crawling through each of the 20 plus outlets- gross inefficiencies.
    I had found the problem and I was determined to find a solution.
    The whole ecosystem – was inefficient, unhygienic and disorganized; most importantly the sheer number of vehicles was choking our already congested city roads.
    Could I build a business by creating a network of delivery vans that were hygienic, temperature controlled and used trained manpower to handle last mile within city deliveries?
    With this idea in mind, the journey of Just Deliveries began.

Our Team


Our customers can book same day delivery and last mile deliveries in Mumbai. We also take care of store deliveries in Mumbai and Pune.

We are making it easier for foodpreneurs to get food delivery in safe and hygienic conditions and also economical by using our shared van service.

By carrying multiple clients products to Natures basket stores daily in our CNG vans, we reduce commercial vehicles on roads and help to reduce traffic jams and improve environment.

Just Deliveries is a trusted same day delivery partner for food companies and restaurant chains. Our most popular services are same day delivery service for dairy items, food inventory, chilled or frozen food delivery, bakery items, flowers, gifts and heavy goods up to 750 kilograms.