A Founder’s Journey And Takeaways

As a founder of a delivery company (one specializing in food and perishables and therefore more complicated), its been a fantastic journey in hindsight. Initial 3 years are tough to set up

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

More About GT & MT Deliveries

From crawling to walking to running… Yesterday during a monthly meeting with my team, I just realised that we started off with 2 brands for store deliveries and today we are delivering

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

What Are Mumbaikars Gifting ? Interesting Trends Since COVID…..

1) Gifting Contents revolve around food & more home centric items. Says Parthip Thyagarajan of WeddingSutra – “Food = Happiness. Food Hampers have been big during this COVID phase. Cooked food /

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

Movement Of Food Inventory For Central/Cloud Kitchens

Several founders / CXOs in the F&B industry will agree that restaurant chains or cloud kitchens are a tough business. There are several moving parts, one being the movement of food inventories

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

7 Day Successful Pivot – Is It Culture?

It was on March 23rd that restaurants came to a grinding halt. And with them stopping, we found our vans empty with no work. As the founder, I was staring at vehicle

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

Building Efficiencies In Logistics

The idea of a building a shared economy came to me one day when I was dropping my son to school. As I waited at the traffic lights, I noticed a tempo

Mansi Mahansaria March 15, 2021

Last Mile Inventory Logistics – Time For An Organized Shared Network

Last week, as I drove my son to school, I couldn’t help noticing a rather worn out tempo, unloading crates of food in front of a premium restaurant. Out jumped a shabbily

Mansi Mahansaria May 19, 2020