Cutting Edge Food Supply Chain Logistics Helping Farms & Farmers

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Food Supply Chain Management or FSCM is the future of the food industry, says scientists after reviewing 192 research papers that showcased how data driven logistics is empowering the supply chain. 

Whether it’s the solar powered fridge and cold storage facilities for farmers in India or the temperature controlled delivery facilities that connect farms to supermarkets to customers – the scope is innumerable. 

A Food Supply Chain Specific Delivery Logistics

Just Deliveries understands this evolving dynamics of the food supply chain in India. That’s why we offer varied customizable intracity and intercity delivery facilities which caters to all the stakeholders of the industry. Whether you are a renowned food business or relatively new farm, a cloud kitchen set up or a growing supermarket store, a gifting facility or a popular restaurant chain our AC vans can deliver your goods instantly in a safe and hygienic way. 

The problem of logistics companies serving in the food industry is that they employ horizontal softwares optimized for multiple industries. Instead of this, the Food Supply Chain Logistics needs a vertical software that caters to their industry specific need from top to bottom and is flexible enough to accommodate instant changes. 

Food industry deals with perishable objects like fruits, vegetables and other  fresh produce which need to go down the supply chain – from the farmers to farms to factories to supermarkets, restaurants and customers instantly. This needs to happen on the same day without any delay with the right kind of preservation in the cold chain. 

We can’t afford to lose a vast quantity of our crops in cold storage and let them rot in the warehouses. For meat, dairy, seafood and poultry products the food supply chain logistics needs to be even more data driven and digitised so that it can be monitored real time. Any delays in transit or any instrumental errors are corrected to an alternative course instantly. 

The mantra here is whatever be it, your deliveries will not stop and when that happens we empower everyone in the supply chain. 

The Food Supply Chain in India lacks this essential element and Just Deliveries is trying to fulfill it with cutting edge delivery services. 

Changes in this Decade 

As we have entered a new decade this year we see a change in the future of the food and agriculture industry. The four pillars of the food supply chain – supply; production; logistics and distribution are going to witness a more tech driven approach in this decade. 

Businesses in the food industry is likely to invest more on the following features in this decade: 

Real time data driven digitisation of food and other deliveries. 

Post harvest digitisation to counter food waste and ensure tracking and tracing of the products. 

Digitisation in the food production & processing to match demand with supply and ensure proper quality check or compliance.

Digitisation to align the demand with supply at all points of contacts. Most CPGs vanish from the spectrum between warehouse to farm. Real time tracking will connect warehouses to farms to supermarkets to restaurants to customers. 

So, what the future holds is a top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top digital footprint of what’s going on in the industry. This is the need of the hour as the disruptions, spoilage and wastage with trucks lined up in the highways during the pandemic has shown. 

Just Deliveries fleet of trained delivery seeks to address that with a clear plan. That’s why our multiple order shared logistics model has worked even during the lockdown. Contact us for a quote. 

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