FAQ’s Store Deliveries By Just Deliveries

A few fequently asked questions regarding how Just Deliveries manages Store Deliveries in Mumbai 

When is JD suited for store deliveries?

JD vans visit every store every day. Hence our service is perfect for perishables and fresh products that require frequent stocking. Typically, distributors work with packaged long shelf life products. JD works with low shelf life products – ranging from 1 day to 1 month. 

Which brands are you working with?

Just Deliveries is working with all leading bakery brands, dairy brands and fresh produce brands. We are presently delivering to over 100 premium stores all over Mumbai and Pune. Our aim is to increase sales through frequent stocking.

What are the charges?
Delivery charges range from Rs. 100 per store to Rs. 300 depending on weight / volume, frequency and services required. You can generate an approximate quote here.
Delivery Charge is flat all across Mumbai and Thane stores.

My products are chilled / frozen. How will you handle such products?
Chilled / Frozen products to be packed adequately with dry ice / thermocol boxes and ice boxes. We can provide packaging material recommendations. Return of thermocol boxes / crates possible. 

Would you pick up material or do we have to deliver to you?
We will pick up material form you anywhere in Mumbai. Minimum 8 store deliveries for free pick up. In case of lesser number, Rs. 200 pick up charges levied. 

What are the delivery timings?

All our deliveries happen between 7 am and 12 noon. As we deliver breads, our vans start early. To piggy back on this shared service, we need 5:30- 6 am pick up.

What about delivery intimation / Proof of delivery?
Delivery intimation happens on real time basis on whatsapp group. Soft copies os stamped invoices are emailed and hard copies handed over at next pick up.

What if an invoice is misplaced? What if a product is damaged?

We have a 3 layer system for submitting stamped invoices.

  • On real time basis on whatsapp group,
  • Soft copy on email within 3-4 days
  • Hard copies at next pick up or on 3rd day

In case none of the above are done, we shall bear invoice value stated.

None of the products given are ever damaged as we use delivery vans. In case of a product damage, we will work with you to provide adequate packaging to avoid damages.

What if I need to collect cash from GT stores?

JD does not collect cash from any store and if our boys are asked to collect, we do not take any liability for the same.

Will you handle RTV (Return to Vendor)?

JD will check the RV material received against the RTV note and validate the same. A confirmation photograph will be shared. RTV will then be destroyed by store or by JD at store dustbin.

We do not return RTV to client due to operational limitations.

Can you handle our payments from stores? Can you act as a distributor?


Do you deliver on Sundays and Public holidays also?

Yes, JD delivers all 365 days in a year.

What are the payment terms?
Delivery Charge Payments every fortnight via NEFT

What extra charges do we have to bear?

Any mathadi charges borne by brand.

Do you also service store in Pune? How do DC Deliveries work?

Pune Deliveries every Tuesday & Friday. Per store delivery charges Rs 750 onwards / per box or carton. As of now, we offer dedicated services to DCs. We are working towards building a shared model for that too.

Is it possible to try out the service?

Yes, of course we always encourage paid trial runs before entering into an agreement.

How does the process work? How do we get started?

Upon successful completion of paid trials, we shall get started.

A store delivery booking link will be shared. You can enter details before 7 pm previous day. A whatsapp group is created for coordination.

I am not from Mumbai. Can you store my material and sort before dispatch?

Yes, we can discuss the same.

Can you introduce our products to more stores in your network?

Yes, we understand your product, pricing and target audience. And introduce you to more stores. There is no charge for this. We start this service after 2 months of working together.

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