How A Delivery Logistics Partner Can Help You Beat the Festive Rush

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The festive season and the peak hours of business proves to be a difficult time for food businesses, especially if you are in the gifting business. 

You need to deliver those gift hampers in pristine condition at a record time and this becomes even more problematic as people seem to book orders at a mammoth rate, especially when it comes to perishable items like fruits, sweets, cakes and other food items. 

In such a condition, normal delivery platforms can’t handle the rush and they happen to levy a surcharge which dents your revenue. A third party delivery logistics is the only solution then. Just Deliveries understands that and in our 5 years in business as a delivery logistics partner we have learned how to evade this festive rush. 

Let’s check out how our specialized group of eco cargo delivery vans can help your gifting business during festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas, Holi or other occasions. 

Scale up by outsourcing logistics

Outsourcing your delivery logistics to a food delivery logistics partner helps in scaling up the orders in minutes when orders come pouring in during the festive season. You need not worry how to deliver them, how to meet the time frame and manage so many orders. Our delivery vans can take up the orders in minutes and deliver them on time on the same day without much delay. Whether it’s 100 or 200 orders we can improvise and deliver them 

Schedule Deliveries

Outsourcing ensures you need not worry about subsequent orders during the rush hour. Just let us know in advance and inform us that you need to customize scheduled deliveries from time to time. Your orders will be scheduled for delivery and you will get notifications along with GPS tracking regarding their whereabouts. Atlast when the gifts are delivered you will get a message with pictures of the client receiving the gift hampers. 

Beat the Space Battle in Tempos

The rush hour also means a battle in space in delivery trucks for the delivery of your goods. This means overstacking in the tempos which ultimately hampers the products. Gift products come with specific packaging which needs critical handling. In Just Deliveries eco cargo vans we ensure that gifts go out on specific gift trays which aren’t stacked against one another. 

All this is done in a clean and hygienic way. Also the temperature of vans are remotely controlled, maintaining a temperature range of -25 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius which helps in keeping the food items fresh. So the ice creams won’t melt, the fruits won’t spoil, the cakes won’t get squashed while we deliver. 

Dish Out Multiple Orders

Most delivery platforms don’t have the facility to handle multiple orders at one go, but we do. Our vans can deliver 100 gift hampers at one go and also the routes can be optimized according to the dropping points ( if there are multiple dropping points) or according to traffic and vehicle breakdowns. 

Accurate Deliveries

During the rush hour one can’t afford to have missed deliveries or inaccurate deliveries. For this you need a delivery logistics partner who has a good client support system and a delivery team who knows the area like the back of your hand. You don’t expect to lose time in peak hours contacting customers for directions and addresses, do you? But the products need to be delivered in time. Our team ensures that and informs the customer and the client along the way. Our founder Mansi personally looks after this. So you need not worry. 

There you go, the festive season rush is taken care of with our CNG green fuel empowered eco cargo delivery vans. 

We are ready for the festive season. Are you? Then give us a call and book a van in advance. 

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