How A Good Logistics Partner Can Equip Your Food Business!

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Food Delivery Logistics has become the core area of concern for food businesses in the pandemic. With peoples’ food habits and dining habits changing, restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens have found themselves at the center of an unlikely storm – they now have to deliver quality food at a faster pace. 

The Gap in Logistics 

A survey done by UberEats has shown that 90% of restaurants are using third party delivery logistics since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak happened. 83% of these restaurants say delivery apps have helped them reach out to new customers. However this alone isn’t solving the logistics problem of the supply chain. In fact, this has further widened the gap between demand and supply. 

Restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens are now required to churn out more orders and get them across the city in record time. While the delivery apps get you there, the back end process of getting your raw materials and ingredients delivered to your kitchen hasn’t developed yet. So, in a shared economy when everything is moving towards rentals and subscription plans, you need a reliable food delivery logistics partner that ensures the goods reach your kitchen in time and without much wastage. Restaurants and cafes simply can’t afford to invest in their own fleet of delivery services and train staff overnight to procure these things. That’s where Just Deliveries come in. 

Going Beyond Delivery Apps

It’s a “deliver or perish” situation as several food businesses struggle to move their whole machinery to delivery platforms which often equip them with good logistics support. Most of these platforms aren’t back end restaurant chains supporting logistics service rather customer outreach logistics service. As a result many of them lack well trained staff and have unruly delivery person, inadequate client support. 

In such a scenario, a dedicated food delivery logistics partner like Just Deliveries is needed which supports your restaurants and cloud kitchens back end demand and also can help you reach out to new customers. 

The way out is using technology and manpower properly and that’s what we are doing. Logistics these days is gradually moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to develop a faster interface online that enhances brand visibility. Being a food delivery logistics service, we do just that by enabling our fleet of eco cargo delivery vans to be tracked through GPS and monitor temperature inside the van remotely along with picturized notification of delivered products. All of this is done in a clean and hygienic way with a trained set of managers and delivery persons.

How does it help?

We optimize the routes and deliver all the products at one go. So, it’s not that costly as you don’t have to go for separate booking for multiple orders. Whether you’re delivering your products to peoples’ homes or you are purchasing readymade sauces, spice mix and other semi gravy ingredients for your restaurant and cafe – we can help you. Even if you are a farm or new company looking to reach out to grocery stores and supermarkets we can help you. 

We have a special solution and yardstick for each of this segment as you know the difference in their niche pattern and target audience. 

Moreover, we have added a new feather in the cap recently by going green and adopting CNG Fuel. Our vans will help you reduce the carbon emission of your business, a key aspect of doing business in the coming days. You can showcase these in your restaurants and cafes highlighting how you source ingredients locally and in an ecofriendly way. This will build trust in your customers and showcase the commitment and conviction of your business. 

So bridge the gap with us and partner with a reliable food delivery logistics partner – not just for your customer outreach but for a better quality and enhanced production.

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