How Having A Food Delivery Logistics Partner Can Help Your Restaurant?

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Restaurants function as a critical end point in the food supply chain yet they are often at the receiving end of poor food delivery logistics. 

Almost every restaurant in India takes the service of third party logistics who handles food delivery for restaurants and another one for supplies. This real time food delivery through apps seems to be a win-win situation for both the restaurant owners and customers but it isn’t and neither does the delayed inventory supplies.

Having a reliable logistics partner is crucial for restaurants to survive, especially during this pandemic. 

In the past 12-14months many restaurants and cafe chains across India had to close down due to lockdowns affecting sales.

Restaurant owners who had plugged in their own resources to invest in an in-house delivery service for food movement were hit harder. They were staring at vehicle and driver fixed expenses. Or they had contracts with third party logistics partners who dedicated vehicles under contracts that seemed unfeasible. 

Most often the owners incur losses because of unchecked facilities offered by these food delivery logistics apps. This includes

Loss of food items because of the unruly behaviour of the drivers or delivery person. This costs them money, goodwill and customers. 

Discounts and surcharges which often don’t work out at both the customer and restaurant owner end. 

Lack of intercity and remote delivery facilities or high charges for them.

Unsatisfactory communication mechanism between the delivery person, logistics customer care and the customers. 

Paucity of bulk delivery and multiple order delivery opportunities.

Lack of proper temperature controlled delivery mechanism. 

Not enough delivery facilities to get your supplies

The right delivery logistics partner doesn’t leave you in the lurch like this and takes you through the business in a way that you can extend your outreach.

The Way Out

This is where Just Deliveries logistics service comes in. A fleet of well trained FSSAI temperature controlled delivery vans are at disposal to do the food delivery for restaurants. 

Let’s take a look at how delivery logistics can be planned out for restaurants. 

Verified Network of Workers & Vehicles: You need not worry whether the delivery guy will go wary or the vehicle will break down and the food will spoil etc. Everything is verified and taken care of and if in case, one person falls through there is an entire network of delivery vans with workers who come to rescue. 

Maintaining Food Conditions: The AC vans have a temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius that ensures your food products are delivered in prime conditions.

Bulk Order/ Multiple Order Delivery: This system is ideal for delivery of bulk orders intercity or intracity. This can be for anything such as corporate events, NGO events and other kinds of activities. 

Outstation Delivery: You can use this facility to deliver your products to outstation customers in a biweekly manner with multiple orders dispatched and delivered on the same day. 

Inventory Delivery: Not just your outbound food orders but your inventory and other essentials that you need to run the restaurant can be catered by these delivery vans. 

In short, a food delivery logistics partner will act as your vehicle of transit in the food supply chain both ways. It will act both upstream and downstream of the process, supplying you with harvests from farms and farmers and delivering your food to the customers in bulk. 

Easy Effective Communication

 Here instead of going through the endless loop of communication between the delivery person, the customer care number of the logistics partner and the customer you have the opportunity to directly communicate with the delivery van personnel and track him real time. 

Not just that, the owner and founder of the logistics partner is always a call away to coordinate and resolve the issue and you get immediate help in the form of pictures and messages about the status of your products. 

That’s how food delivery logistics should function and can help restaurants to achieve their full potential. 

Want to know how it will workout for you? Drop a message here and the team of Just Deliveries will be at your service.

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