How To Overcome Food Delivery Challenges With A Logistics Partner?

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Food delivery is a key concern for restaurants, cloud kitchens, cafes and others in the food industry doing business now. It’s a rather competitive world today than it was a decade ago, especially when the pandemic has ushered in a new era of food delivery logistics. 

People no longer are waiting to queue up to restaurants to get a takeaway or dine in. They want instant on time delivery at their doorstep and some drive in takeaway options – both of which can be monitored in an AI enabled technology driven way where data and information is the key not human contact. 

But does a lack of human contact mean an absence of human touch? Not really! In fact, food businesses in this technology driven era need more human touch than ever. And that means taking care of the people behind the business – the logistics that support the workers and makes them more productive and efficient. This is where food delivery logistics partners like Just Deliveries come in. 

Food Delivery Challenges That Can Be Solved

The challenges for the food supply chain are many – right from procuring to tracking to pricing to cooking to delivering it to the customers. Once you open a restaurant or a store or a farm you become more aware of the depth of logistics needed and realise why you need a third party delivery logistics partner. 

  1. Meeting Delivery Issues

The primary concern and objective here is to deliver orders in time with the least expenditure and human resources. Restaurants, cafes and stores simply can’t dish out huge amounts of money and staff to hire and maintain their own delivery team. Moreover, this often has a restricted geographical outreach. So a dedicated team of specialized delivery vans run by a good food delivery logistics company like Just Deliveries is better equipped in doing this. We can deliver things at a faster rate and optimize the route, delivering multiple orders at one go. 

  1. Retaining Food Quality & Integrity

Another key issue is how to maintain the exact integrity and structure of food. Sure you can deliver ice creams, pizzas and hot soups through a delivery app but does it have the logistics support and equipment to maintain its condition? Most of the time it doesn’t work beyond a certain distance. But a temperature controlled hygienic ecco cargo delivery van has the facility to maintain the temperature range and the structural integrity of your food. So customers get your products in pristine condition. 

  1. Order Management & Standardization

Managing hundreds of orders and upholding a standard service in all of them is a daunting task. It’s quite time consuming to do it manually and even more problematic when scheduled in a delivery app. So, instead of losing out on individual order delivery and monitoring it, you can dish out all orders at one go and optimize the route. This empowers the delivery guy and other people working at the logistics end and also makes way for a more timely and efficient delivery. You won’t get frequent transport vehicle breakdowns or traffic issues or unruly driver/delivery people this way. A third party food delivery logistics company like Just Deliveries delivers multiple orders in one go with their FSSAI certified delivery vans. That’s the perfect example of a shared economy – one where you utilize the limited resources, turning problems into solutions, liabilities into assets. 

  1. Route Planning & Optimization

Most delivery apps don’t optimize routes and provide an option to deliver multiple orders in one go. That’s why restaurant chains often encounter losses and think of establishing their own delivery logistics team. But that requires more investment and hiring and training of staff.

So the way out is outsourcing the logistics to an experienced group of trained fleets of ecco cargo vans run by a food delivery logistics company. Moreover, this is done in a safe and hygienic way with a delivery van running on CNG Green Fuel. 

  1. Missed Delivery Issues

Missing out on orders can be an issue for restaurants and stores during festive seasons and rush hours. Delivery apps don’t help much in that either. But when you are employing a delivery logistics partner like Just Deliveries you have a team that knows the area and also the number of orders going out in each and every place. So orders aren’t missed and go out on time everywhere. 

  1. Driver /Delivery Person Contact Issue

Often the client support end of delivery apps aren’t good enough to know the status of your orders and often involves too many phone calls through too many intermediates. A good food delivery logistics partner ensures that the driver is in touch with you and you also get to monitor their position through GPS tracking. You even get instant picture notification with photographs of order being delivered. 

All these delivery challenges make owning a restaurant and delivering food a harrowing experience. But not anymore, as we are here. 

Contact us to get a customized service for your food business. 

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