Importance of Delivery Logistics of Farm Produce Home Deliveries

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Studies have found how new age delivery logistics has more than a neutral role to play in enhancing the profile of food businesses by acting as potential mediator between supply and demand. This is especially true for those targeting home deliveries which is a critical decision to stay afloat in the pandemic. 

Our work with “Saladable” a Mumbai based farm run by Saurabh Mundra that supplies fresh organic leafy salad materials, fruits and vegetables show how a good delivery logistics partner like Just Deliveries can make a difference. 

Retaining Customers

With a fleet of well managed AC eco cargo delivery vans certified from FSSAI we were able to keep their fresh produce intact at the desired temperature. Most of their products are temperature sensitive and need adequate temperature control to keep it fresh. We maintained a temperature range of -25 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius and delivered the goods on the same day. Saladable could ensure timely delivery and retain customers through this service. 

Serving Outstation Customers

Moreover, our intercity home delivery facilities ensured that they could reach out to a wider customer and increase their target audience. So, despite the pandemic, they could serve their outstation customers. 

Reducing Loss & Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The mark of a good delivery logistics partner is good communication and instant problem solving. Saladable banked on those when they opted for us. With our quick service and real time monitoring, aided with route optimization, they ensured greater food quality and less waiting time. This also decreased the amount of wastage and spoilage, ensuring better customer satisfaction and reliability.

So, when the customers of Saladable repeatedly received quality food products like vegetables, green leafy plants, fruits and other items in pristine condition, they knew it’s value for money. Hence, they found the brand more viable and reliable. In fact, in our 5 years of service we have found that people trust brands who are consistent and home deliver things in time, often instantly within a few hours. 

While there are many grocery stores in the market selling fresh produce, they definitely want to buy things from specialized farms like Saladable who take care of their health and the environmental impact of it. Food delivery logistics partners like Just Deliveries play an important role in this by ensuring home deliveries are done in a professional manner, in an easy and hassle free way. 

Less Expenditure, More Sales

Moreover, unlike food delivery platforms which take a toll on your work culture because of the unruly behaviour of drivers and delivery personnels, a dedicated team of experts handling a real time automated delivery system greatly helps. Saladable saw this through when they could cut down the expenditure and boost productivity and sales by trusting Just Deliveries for home deliveries.  They no longer had to lose out money on costly delivery app experience nor did they have to train an internal team for this. 

More Time To Develop Products

This also ensured optimization of products and getting it delivered at a faster pace than usual. Saladable didn’t have to spend on individual home delivery targets; rather they could optimize all the deliveries to be done as one time send off. This meant more time to look into the quality control, production and other such issues of the farm. 

In this way, Saladable made a profitable mark by trusting a good delivery logistics partner. Thus confirming the studies that in today’s world a good delivery logistics partner is the key to able food distribution, a critical aspect of being successful in the food industry. 

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