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Cracking the Retail Store Sales !

Today, data and intelligence play a critical role in the food supply chain, specially for food businesses who cater crucial food products like breads, biscuits, and other grocery items to stores. Along with a good inventory management strategy you need to have data and intelligence backed delivery logistics. 

This is where a third party logistics company like Just Deliveries comes in. With our 5 years experience in this business, we have seen severe delivery logistics problems that makes it difficult for new brands to get to the stores in time. For this you need a timely well managed fleet of delivery vans that operate in record time and optimize the goods delivery to multiple stores at one go. 

How Just Deliveries' Store Delivery Helped A Client?

Our client Vinay Maheshwari, founder and CEO of the Mumbai based healthy bread and biscuit supplement brand "The Health Factory" spoke of this when he opted for our service. 

"The idea behind this brand is to make a single source healthy food item like bread and biscuits etc. by enhancing their nutrient content and redesigning it to make it available to people. The core idea is to give people a healthy nutritious alternative to their daily food item which doesn't require much change in lifestyle. So, for such a unique brand of nutritious whole grain bread and biscuits, getting to the stores is crucial to being more visible to people. "

  1. Creating Customer Base & Building Brand Visibility 

With our early morning runs, The Health Factory reaches all retail stores and supermarkets between 7:30 and 10 am every morning, just in time for the day's business to start. Afterall, ever customer wants fresh bread and looks at the date. Early morning drops mean increase in sales and reduction in wastages. 

Moreover, a delivery logistics company like Just Deliveries helps in reaching territories that you couldn't think of conquering earlier. We had a good line of intercity delivery service which can take your goods to places outside the city. This helped increase the company's stronghold in the market. 

  1. Maintaining Food Quality & Customer Reliability

While brand visibility is crucial, quality and reliability is equally important for retail customers. Most people go back to the food products that maintain a consistent quality and are reliable in their occurrence. Our delivery vans ensured that their breads and biscuits were shipped in a good condition without over-stocking. After all, we don't want your damaged breads or broken cookies on the shelves.

 A good delivery logistics partner also means that your products are always in stock at the respective stores and they don't run out of inventory. This ensures reliability, something that the customers can always find in the grocery store without a doubt. 

  1. Saving Time & Money, Enhancing Production

Unlike other delivery logistics partners, Just Deliveries reach all your stores at one go and does multiple order delivery at once. With this feature, The Health Factory greatly reduced the time and money spent on delivering goods to stories. They didn't have to book separate rider for separate store delivery and track them. 

This not just saved time and the cost of delivery but increased their revenue, as they didn't have to spend on more staff members to monitor these individual store deliveries. That meant more efficient production.  Also, the time and the workforce that they saved by employing the services of a good delivery logistics partner were invested in quality control which enhanced their products. 

  1. Earning Trust With Safety & Regularity

Added to this, the pandemic pressure on retailers have made it absolutely necessary that you have a good delivery logistics partner which they can trust. The covid19 outbreak has made supermarkets and stores more data driven and intelligence reliant where they trust brands and firms who have better delivery systems - one which is hygienic, safe and regularly on time. Our thoroughly cleaned and regularly sanitized socially distanced system of operation made us a reliable choice in this regard.

These instances showcased the importance of a good delivery logistics partner in the food supply chain, especially if you're a food business that caters to store inventories. 

Always remember that inventory is the key to running a successful business in the food industry. So, let it be present even before they have to ask! Get there before they run out of stock! A trusted delivery logistics partner will let you do that. 

We are mind readers you see! We use data and intelligence to get you there!


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FAQ's Store Deliveries By Just Deliveries

A few fequently asked questions regarding how Just Deliveries manages Store Deliveries in Mumbai 

CK to Outlets - Food Deliveries

CK to Outlets - Food Deliveries handled by Just Deliveries

Addressing Food Waste in Supply Chains

Just Deliveries' fully automated integrated system seeks to address this logistics gap in the food supply chain. With our facilities you can eradicate food losses and save both time and time. 

Get in touch with us and try out our facilities.

Outsourcing Vs Owning Logistics - What's the Best Business Solution?

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FAQ's on Intercity Logistics

To know more on how Just Deliveries manage Intercity Logistics, contact us on 9619440499

Cutting Edge Food Supply Chain Logistics Helping Farms & Farmers

#foodsupplychainlogistics, #foodsupplychainsolutions, #foodsupplychaininindia

Food Supply Chain Management or FSCM is the future of the food industry, says scientists after reviewing 192 research papers that showcased how data driven logistics is empowering the supply chain. 

Whether it's the solar powered fridge and cold storage facilities for farmers in India or the temperature controlled delivery facilities that connect farms to supermarkets to customers - the scope is innumerable. 

Delivery Logistics Partners Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs

#last-miledelivery, #foodsupplychain, #foodbusinesses, #justdeliveries

 53% of the shipping costs experienced by businesses come from the last mile delivery -the point of distribution of goods from the endpoints to the customers. 

Although the food supply chain, goods move in a more or less ordered fashion when it comes to distributing it to the consumers we experience the biggest hurdles. And that's where we - Just Deliveries, logistics delivery service come in. 

Our FSSAI certified fleet of delivery vehicles is operated by trained individuals who form a network to fill in the gap in case of any last-minute problems arise during delivery. 

So, all the goods from the farmers to farms to factories to warehouses to supermarkets/restaurants/ stores ultimately to customers run smoothly without any hiccups. Delivery is done in a temperature-controlled van having a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius which is sanitized regularly. You get to know that your products like your gift hampers, food deliveries, etc have been delivered with instant notification of pictures of the delivery. 

How Having A Food Delivery Logistics Partner Can Help Your Restaurant?

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Restaurants function as a critical end point in the food supply chain yet they are often at the receiving end of poor food delivery logistics. 

Almost every restaurant in India takes the service of third party logistics who handles food delivery for restaurants and another one for supplies. This real time food delivery through apps seems to be a win-win situation for both the restaurant owners and customers but it isn't and neither does the delayed inventory supplies.

How Food Delivery Logistics Partner Can Reduce Wastage of Low Shelf Life Food Items

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Cracking the Retail Store Sales !

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#foodbusiness #fooddeliverylogistics
#foodsupplychain #coldchain #coldstorage
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#bigbasket #foodhall #reliancefresh #starbazaar
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Importance of Dedicated Logistics Partner for Gift Delivery with YPO

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How A Good Logistics Partner Can Equip Your Food Business!

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How To Overcome Food Delivery Challenges With A Logistics Partner?

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#foodsupplychain #foodbusinesses #justdeliveries 

Turning To Green Logistics To Make A Difference in the Food Supply Chain

Most emissions come from transportation logistics. Being a delivery logistics service provider this worried us. So, we changed to a better and more energy-efficient way of operating, using CNG green fuel. 

Not just that, our technology backed data-driven system of paperless delivery confirmation and route optimization to reduce traffic snarls along with multiple order shipment facilities at one go, proved to be an energy-efficient solution. 

How does it make a positive environmental impact you ask? Read on...  #GreenLogistics #DeliveryLogistics #FoodBusiness #FoodSupplyChain #FoodDeliveryLogistics #Emissions #ZeroEmissionDay #ZeDay

The Logistics of Better Perishable Food Delivery

40% of food items in India end up in waste, shows UN data. This is especially true for perishable items which are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Food businesses are often caught in this problem as their products decay in the inefficient delivery vans and tempos which don't have the facilities to support their products. 

We at Just Deliveries have underlined the key problem areas in perishable delivery and have sought a way out of this mess. Want to know how? Well, read our new blog. It provides insights on how to strategize and make the most of delivery technology. 

Contact us to book our CNG clean fuel run temperature-controlled eco cargo vans for the delivery of your perishables. 

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Future of Food Delivery Logistics

#foodsupplychain #fooddeliverylogistics #dronetechnology

The Drone industry is fast evolving and is currently in demand for delivery logistics, especially in the food business. 

By 2022, the drone industry will be worth 11.2 billion USD and have utility in various sectors such as food delivery logistics. 

The pandemic has expedited the process of using drones in different businesses as social distancing and remote work took center stage. In fact, in countries like Thailand, drones are already being adopted for the delivery of hot meals and inventories to stores and restaurants. 

As a logistics partner for the food supply chain, we understand that the necessity of this fast-paced industry is gradually evolving with time and drones are the inevitable future we are looking at. 

How A Delivery Logistics Partner Can Help You Beat the Festive Rush

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#FestiveRush #PeakHours #GiftingBusiness

The Need for Delivery Logistics Support for the Frozen & Fresh Food Supply Chain of India

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The Indian food industry is at that juncture where the rise in frozen food and fresh food segments is dominating the food supply chain. Coming under pressure from the pandemic and the ever-challenging fast-paced life of today's youth, especially millennials, the frozen food market is expanding at an exponential rate. 

In 2019, the frozen food segment was worth 85.27 billion INR which is projected to touch 192.96 billion INR by 2024. This segment has a projected growth rate of 17.74% by 2024. 

While government efforts like the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana, Horticulture MIDH scheme, etc coupled with better cold chain facilities look promising for food businesses, problems remain.