Reliable Gifting with YPO & JD: A Case Study

Importance of Dedicated Logistics Partner for Gift Deliveries with YPO 


Gifting is a crucial stand point to find potential new customers and to establish yourself as a gifting business. But more often than not businesses fail due to logistics issues which aren’t in sync with the gifting industry. 


Gift deliveries are a totally different forte than food supply chain deliveries. Although gifting solutions might have food items yet they are a complete different ball game when it comes to the logistics of it which needs SPOC assistance and careful monitoring at each and every step with immediate intimation of delivery with photographic updates. When done correctly it can reach the right people and help in YPO. However, this isn’t possible by regular bikers and delivery personnels who can’t handle such delicate things. 


For this a carefully crafted delivery logistics partner is needed who brings everything in a box – correct gift hamper trays handling, temperature controlled delivery vans and fast delivery with instant image and message confirmation. Just Deliveries have been doing this for the past 5 years with a well supported team of gift experts AC eeco cargo vans for gift deliveries. In fact, it is the most availed service on our website. 



How A Delivery Logistics Partner Can Help?


Working in this segment, we have found out certain key issues which the gifting industry likes to address while choosing a delivery logistics partner. 

  • Creating & Maintaining Customer Base


Most gifting businesses cater to specialized customized gift deliveries for special occasions, corporate events, functions, festivals and even house parties. So, as such they back highly on the word of the mouth and feedback from high profile clients that make them a force to reckon with gift deliveries with YPO. Our fast and secure service ensures this and makes them build their customer base. 

  • Maintaining Product Quality & Aesthetics


A majority of gift businesses have to deal with delivery services who either rely on bikers or ill- equipped delivery vans which cause damage to their products. With a planned logistics service like Just Deliveries in place, they want to make sure that their fragile products get delivered in the exact conditions. This is extremely vital for the gifting industry as most of their products come with high functioning decorations and other creative things which can’t be destroyed due to stacking or manhandling. For this you need individual gift hamper trays that can uphold the structure of the gifts while in transit. A dedicated logistics partner can ensure that both product quality and aesthetics are maintained. 

  • Building Clients’ Trust & Reliability


Moreover, major regular delivery platforms aren’t that well equipped to handle a large number of gifting items that go into these events and parties. For this you need an expert logistics team who have experience in handling and delivering gift hampers in record time. Just Deliveries emerged as a trusted choice for most gifting businesses in Mumbai because we could deliver 50-100 gifts at one go without any delay and in pristine condition. So, those NGOs or business houses that availed the gifting service from our client could rely on them and recognised them as reliable gifting with YPO.

  • Builds Connection & Exudes Human Touch


Lastly, apart from handling with care, gift deliveries need immediate and instant redressal of issues and connecting with people. So, a well placed network of delivery vans who know the addresses like the back of their hands and one that notifies you in real time, giving you an instant picture and message update of the person accepting the delivery is the key. Most of our clients from the gifting industry speak of this particular aspect when they share their feedback and reviews. Our founder Mansi, personally oversees this ensuring that the delivery is done to the correct address and handed over to the right person associated with the event. This helps the gifting business to ensure human touch and connection with their clients, a critical step for such a touching business industry. 


All these points make it clear why gift deliveries with YPO are a crucial step in reaching the milestone and putting forward a consistent service for any gift business. In this highly competitive world of the gifting industry, logistics is the key to unwind and retain your leadership position. 


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