Logistics Partner for your Food Inventory Deliveries

Food products that have limited shelf life (breads, eggs, dairy, fresh produce) or are chilled and frozen need regular stocking at retailers. RTV (return to vendor) is a huge challenge for perishables. Regular stocking of small quantities is necessary to ensure lower wastages as well as to avoid “stock out” to increase sales.
Even retailers have limited shelf space and limited chillers / freezers. They want 20 brands and not 3-4 in every category. Distributors stay away from perishable products. Brands who use distributors are fed up as it leads to “stock outs” and “wastages” all borne by brands. This is forcing foodpreneurs to manage their own logistics thereby having limited presence.

Just Deliveries is the Reputed Logistics Partner for the F&B Industry

We at #JustDeliveries are enabling brands to expand their retail presence by visiting every store daily and allowing smaller inventory stocks more frequently leading to increased sales (no stock out) and reduction in RTV (wasttages).
Our founder Mansi Mahansaria vision is to solve these bottlenecks of the supermarket when it comes to stockpiling products of brands. Both understocking and overstocking can eat into the revenues of your brand. To counter this you need real-time data intelligence from the stores you deliver. We bring you that. We visit stores every alternate day and let you know which stores have run out of your products and needs stocking.
It's not just delivering goods but helping out with proper on-site guidance. That's what makes a difference. Contact us to book one of our eco cargo vans for store delivery

A Cost-Effective, Responsible Food Delivery Service for B2B Stocking at Modern Trade Stores or to Institutional Clients

At Just Deliveries, we specialise in the DAILY delivery of fresh food items – hydroponic produce, bread and bakery items, frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese and other dairy products, dips, chilled beverages and more! So whether you would like to sell through modern trade stores like Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Hypercity or Big Basket, or to HoReCa clients, be rest assured that your customers will get the freshest, best quality produce fresh.
As we have a network of shared vans, we can offer excellent reach and temperature control – a combination that is important for your food distribution. Add to this, the look and feel of our services through well maintained vans and uniformed staff ensures your clients understand the focus you give to quality. Come and be a part of our food ecosystem!