The Logistics of Better Perishable Food Delivery

40% of food items in India end up in waste, shows UN data. This is especially true for perishable items which are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Food businesses are often caught in this problem as their products decay in the inefficient delivery vans and tempos which don’t have the facilities to support their products. 

We at Just Deliveries have underlined the key problem areas in perishable delivery and have sought a way out of this mess. Want to know how? Well, read our new blog. It provides insights on how to strategize and make the most of delivery technology. 

Contact us to book our CNG clean fuel run temperature-controlled eco cargo vans for the delivery of your perishables. 

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A survey done by International Data Company (IDC) revealed that around 35% of people spend greater than 25% of their grocery shopping budget online.

This number is ever increasing as end consumers and food business owners understand the importance of the delivery logistics issues concerning perishables items. 

Why Perishables Need Better Logistics?

Perishable items like meat, dairy and poultry products need proper packaging, labelling, cold storage in the transit along with excellent timing for delivery. More often than not, delivery logistics partners lack the infrastructure and resources for this, making perishables turn foul along the process. 

This is crucial for any food business, as perishables are more prone to decay and infection by bacteria and fungi which often causes food poisoning or foodborne diseases. So, you will lose both revenue and goodwill if you don’t partner with a good delivery logistics partner. 

How Can We Help?

Surely, you don’t want your freshly made farm cheese rot in the supply chain? Do you? Or your ice-cream and precooked meals lose their structure and texture by the time it reaches the customers? At Just Deliveries, we understand how crucial this is for your business. Hence we offer to address the following key issues through our delivery logistics service

1. Proper Cold Storage Transit Maintenance

Most perishables die out because of a lack of cold storage facilities in the delivery vans or tempos. But that’s not the case with Just Deliveries. We have temperature-controlled FSSAI certified delivery vans which maintain a temperature range between -25°C to +25°C degrees Celsius. So, your meat items, cheese, milk or other dairy products, even your sauces, icecreams and precooked meals all retain their specific conditions. 

2. Timing the Delivery

Secondly, we understand that timing delivery is extremely crucial. We don’t deliver goods at the end of the day when stores close and they don’t have time to stock it or keep it in proper conditions. We understand that can degrade your product. So, we time our deliveries when the store opens and reach them by 11 am in the morning. Hence, your stock gets to the customers absolutely fresh. 

3. Same Day Delivery

We don’t delay in the transit. Whether it’s a natural calamity or a traffic jam we know how to work around it and get your products delivered on the same day. Just Deliveries optimizes the routes and align multiple deliveries at one go. With us, your products can reach 150 stores in a day in a single visit. We do so by shipping goods in small quantities everywhere repeatedly at frequent intervals. So, there’s no gap in time and no day. Your products are always on the shelves. 

So, there you go, our way of solving the perishable problem.

UN data shows India wastes 40% of its food, and most of it is because of these food supply chain logistics issues. 

Just Deliveries is working to eliminate that and make the Indian food system transparent and sustainable. Contact us if you need an able delivery partner for your perishable food items. 

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