The Need for Delivery Logistics Support for the Frozen & Fresh Food Supply Chain of India

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The Indian food industry is at that juncture where the rise in frozen food and fresh food segments is dominating the food supply chain. Coming under pressure from the pandemic and the ever-challenging fast-paced life of today’s youth, especially millennials, the frozen food market is expanding at an exponential rate. 

In 2019, the frozen food segment was worth 85.27 billion INR which is projected to touch 192.96 billion INR by 2024. This segment has a projected growth rate of 17.74% by 2024. 

While government efforts like the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana, Horticulture MIDH scheme, etc coupled with better cold chain facilities look promising for food businesses, problems remain. 

Food Supply Chain Support Issues

The key issue for this expanding industry is proper supply chain support that caters to low-shelf life products like perishable food items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and other fresh produce. 

  • Stocking Up: Most companies offering storage facilities provide a chiller and fridge stock up once a week which takes a toll on restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and grocery stores who are always jostling to stock up in a limited time frame. 
  • Lack of Space: Added to that, the rise in the demand for ready-to-eat meals and specialized packaged frozen food takes up most of the delivery and storage space of the supply chain. 
  • Hygiene & Safety: According to a Hindu Business Line report, India’s food supply chain is in a maze where we don’t know how the “farm-to-plate” concept is working. Although there’s a demand for fresh and seasonal food supply, especially in the metropolitan areas where people are becoming more health-conscious, the food safety issue is derailing the system. 
  • Proper Delivery Facility: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and farm produce often do not have adequate food supply chain support to keep them hygienic and fresh. Most of the companies working in the sector, don’t even have the infrastructure and delivery logistics to send the goods to the market on the same day of harvest. 
How Can Food Delivery Logistics Support?

This is where a food delivery logistics partner comes to the scene. An FSSAI certified fleet of temperature-controlled AC eco cargo delivery vans that can deliver your goods on the same day and does so in a hygienic way, keeping in mind cold storage and safety is the thing food businesses are looking at. 

A good food delivery logistics partner does not just ensure you meet the quality and time constraints of the business but lets you track delivery real-time, in an automated fashion. This allows a multi-sharing delivery van facility for 2 or more clients to make the cost affordable and route optimizable. With this, you can take your fresh produce and also frozen foods to multiple stores and even go for outstation deliveries. 

So, remember this when you book a delivery facility next time. The right one can make or break your business and keep your supply chain active. 

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