Turning To Green Logistics To Make A Difference in the Food Supply Chain

Most emissions come from transportation logistics. Being a delivery logistics service provider this worried us. So, we changed to a better and more energy-efficient way of operating, using CNG green fuel. 

Not just that, our technology backed data-driven system of paperless delivery confirmation and route optimization to reduce traffic snarls along with multiple order shipment facilities at one go, proved to be an energy-efficient solution. 

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Have you thought of saving the environment with better delivery logistics solutions? Yes, it’s possible and one company, Locus, has measured how technology-enabled data-driven logistics can make a difference. 

Logistics turning green powered by technology. You no longer need to lose money on unclean fossil fuel and extensive paperwork. Everything can be done in an eco-friendly energy-efficient way. Just Deliveries has taken the first step towards green logistics by switching to green fuel. 

Our eco cargo vans are now run on CNG instead of petrol and diesel. You not only get a healthy hygienic and safe same-day delivery experience when you book our vans but also have the ability to reduce your carbon footprint.

With this new change, Just Deliveries has turned green with a new green logo. And as you come on board to avail our intracity and intercity services, let’s take a look at how green logistics work

Why Green Logistics Is Needed?

24% of carbon emissions in the world come from transportation and delivery logistics is the key perpetrator of that, shows data from International Energy Association, IEA.

So, while you are stuck in traffic delivering precious non-renewable fossil fuels you are adding tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. To remedy this, you need to employ a delivery logistics partner who uses clean fuel and reduces emissions. 

Just Deliveries’ CNG runs eco cargo vans is the right choice for that.

How does Green Delivery Logistics help?

You might wonder who does it make a difference? Well, here are some statistics in our favour. 

1. Clean Fuel Reduce Emissions

You can reduce around 1.32 crore CO2 emissions and 33.3 lakh NO2 emissions in a year if delivery logistics partners switch to green fuel, says DeepTech firm Locus.

Not just that, this can save some 1.84 crore trees with this green switch. 

2. Saves Trees by Going Digital

This doesn’t end here. Green logistics goes further than just a clean fuel switch, a digital medium switch always plays a crucial role in this.

Locus changed their paper-based ID system of delivery to Electronic Proof of Delivery.

They saved 7778 trees from being cut down for paper last year with this.

Just Deliveries has a real-time data-driven GPS tracking system where you don’t need any paperwork. Everything is done digitally and remotely. With our services, you will get an instant message and picture notification as proof of delivery. So, the environmental degradation from paper use has been eliminated. 

3. Route Optimization Reduces Fuel Wastage

Not just that our route optimization services ensure less fuel is burned. So, you become more energy-efficient, not just save money and time. By delivering multiple orders at one go, it also ensures more fuel utility as multiple trips aren’t needed to deliver the goods. Added to that we don’t end up in traffic snarls as we optimize and change the routes accordingly, so fuels aren’t wasted, thus reducing emissions. 

All this makes it clear how green logistics can reduce the carbon footprint of food businesses and empower them. 

Contact us if you want to partner with one such green delivery logistics service provider. We are here to empower you and make you ready for the future.

 This Zero Emission Day when the world refrains from using fossil fuels for 24hours it’s time for you to make the switch to green logistics!

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