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Delivery Logistics Partners Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs

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 53% of the shipping costs experienced by businesses come from the last mile delivery -the point ofdistribution of goods from the endpoints to the customers. 

Although the food supply chain, goods move in a more or less ordered fashion when it comes to distributing it to the consumers we experience the biggest hurdles. And that’s where we – Just Deliveries, logistics delivery service come in. 

Our FSSAI certified fleet of delivery vehicles is operated by trained individuals who form a network to fill in the gap in case of any last-minute problems arise during delivery. 

So, all the goods from the farmers to farms to factories to warehouses to supermarkets/restaurants/ stores ultimately to customers run smoothly without any hiccups. Delivery is done in a temperature-controlled van having a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius which is sanitized regularly. You get to know that your products like your gift hampers, food deliveries, etc have been delivered with instant notification of pictures of the delivery. 

Why Last-Mile Delivery Is Expensive?

20% of e-commerce goods are returned which is an added cost in the last mile of delivery. This also exemplifies in case there are faulty addresses and failed delivery attempts. Apart from this, a wide range of logistics problems makes the last mile delivery tricky and expensive. This includes

Low speed of dispatch and delivery as goods are going to individual customers, not one particular destination

Complex routes which require greater expenditure on the fuel cost and also take longer time

Uncertainty of delivery as customers are often not notified or present of the delivery

Incorrect labeling and markings, and seasonal demands increase the number of stops and the cost. 

High cost of warehousing and vehicle maintenance as the delivery van spends more time on the road. 

Inability to optimize and schedule failed deliveries

These are exactly the reasons why companies like Amazon are a hit amongst customers while others aren’t. They have fully optimized and automated their delivery logistics to enable real-time tracking for customers and the companies doing business, a highly synchronized multi route system that delivers quickly, and lastly a window to schedule failed deliveries. 

Just Deliveries does that for food businesses and gift enterprises. We optimize and automate the system in such a way that routes are synchronized so that goods are delivered in a single step. We also ensure that a single van is shared amongst 2 clients at least. 

Timely Deliveries Ensure Brand Patronage

All these greatly impact your business, especially if you are an e-commerce business, food business, restaurant, cafes, cloud kitchens, and third-party logistics companies. 

This means lesser profit margin and higher costs for your company and you are also likely to lose customers. 

84% of people say that they won’t order from a company after a nasty last-mile delivery experience. 98% of people say they want same-day delivery. 

That’s the chief reason why you need a trusted delivery logistics partner for last-mile deliveries. 

With Just Deliveries, you can reduce your last-mile deliveries and develop brand loyalty with your customers. Contact us for a quote and get rid of last-mile delivery surcharges. 

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