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The Happy Hens Farm : A Case Study by JustDeliveries

About the Organization

Happy Hens is a Bangalore-based free-range & cage-free egg brand. They believe in utmost animal welfare and give their ‘feathered friends’ optimum growth conditions by incorporating enough sunlight, and large organic pastures.

Problem Statement 

The company had a small presence in Mumbai through a distributor. However, sales were dismal and wastage was abundant. To increase sales, the company needed to first fix the operational on-ground challenges.

  • They wanted to service several inquiries they had for their premium eggs, but first overcome the issue of damages and timely supply.  
  • As the delivery requests from restaurants were not serviced on time, they would not get repeat orders
  • As the stores were spread across the city, the company was incurring very high delivery costs and getting RTV as stocks were being dumped. 

Happy Hens

Solution by JD

JustDeliveries, with expertise in handling low-shelf life products, provided the company with an end-to-end solution logistics solution. They pick up material at the railway station, provide warehousing, and the printing of invoices, dispatch as per invoice within 24 hours, and send back an acknowledgment of sales copy. Their tech-based solution enabled real-time updates and insights on where to sell. 

  • With an existing network of 1000 retailers, enabling a plug-and-play model, JD was able to service all orders within 24 hours at reasonable delivery charges. 
  • JD’s expertise in handling fragile & perishable products ensured low damages and minimal wastage.  
  • JD tech and insights help the company to identify where to sell. 


  • Growth from 27 clients to 57 clients in 9 months. 
  • More than 2X growth in revenues in a short period.
  • 2.5x Increased revenue from existing clients as all orders were serviced in time.
  • The company owner, Manjunath Marappan, encouraged by customer feedback, will now hire a sales team to increase sales in the large market of Mumbai and Pune. 

Happy Hens have successfully entered Mumbai, increased repeat sales and new sales with the perfect logistics solution partner – JustDeliveries. Click on the video below to get a bird’s eye view of how JD has efficiently solved the logistics issues of an amazing client like the Happy Hens Farm.


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