How JD Helps Cloud Kitchens Become More Efficient

Author: Chandrajita Chakraborty

With the increase in food delivery apps viz., Swiggy and Zomato, the logistics cost has become one of the biggest concerns for cloud kitchen owners. They need to find ways that will allow them to optimize their logistics costs so that they can increase their profitability. Just Deliveries is a logistics and/or 3PL partner for 40+ chains including Nino Burgers, Good Flippin, and Artinci.


In a cloud kitchen, the staff is limited to only a few people. This makes it challenging to manage the logistics cost. Some companies have started implementing optimization techniques that can help in reducing these costs. So, here are five ways to lower logistics costs for cloud kitchen ventures.

Warehousing and food catering logistics by JD


Central Storage & Picking Stations

The availability of central storage allows all ingredients to be available and ready in hand whenever demands arise. Just Deliveries offers major cold storage facilities in the heart of Mumbai City, making the outflow of materials easier and more efficient. Food can be kept frozen for up to 18 hours for ice cream and frozen products and chilled products like pizza dough and dairy.


Warehouse Management System

The other way to optimize logistics costs is by using a warehouse management system that provides real-time visibility into the location of goods and supplies. JD does that for you with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and the FIFO or ‘First-in-First-Out’ system. It has revolutionized the way perishable goods reach the front door of the customer.



Traffic and unpredictable situations are rampant on the road. Such situations provide hindrances and result in unnecessary delivery delays. JD ensures that the easiest, shortest, and hassle-free road is chosen for the last leg. To facilitate the process, the same van and driver are used daily.


Client Relationships

As a cloud kitchen, it becomes nerve-wracking when the customer service of any logistics company is weak. In today’s pandemic-ridden world, the demand for cloud kitchens has skyrocketed. It can be strenuous to not get any info on the whereabouts of your precious orders. JD executives and managers are just the opposite. They are well-trained, experienced, and polite with every client as client satisfaction comes first for them. Thus, they are always available for you until your product reaches its destination.


Technical Optimization

Getting grassroots-level info at every leg of the delivery process is essential. Just Deliveries provides real-time tracking data for every product. Be it any number or any volume of products, JD uses optimum technology in tandem with its modern counterparts. The shared van model and on-call accounts manager are the additional assets of JD.



Just Deliveries is proud to have a long-term association with its clientele. They can cater to the higher demands of brick-and-mortar restaurants without subjecting the staff members to mental or physical agony. They enrich marketing experiences by delving into innovative approaches. The amalgamation of the aforementioned ways makes Cloud Kitchen a major part of this family. So, if you’re also an owner feel free to connect with us.




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