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Know The Terms : In the field of Logistics

All Interrelated terms in field of Logistics but each has it’s own focus


Supply Chain:
The supply chain is like a big picture view of how things are made and delivered to customers. It includes all the steps from getting the raw materials to making the product to delivering it to the store or customer. Imagine it as a long chain of different activities and people working together to bring a product to life.

Logistics is a crucial part of the supply chain that focuses on the detailed planning and management of how things move. It’s like the conductor of an orchestra, making sure all the different parts work together smoothly. Logistics includes tasks like managing inventory (keeping track of how much stuff you have), warehousing (storing goods in a warehouse), and transportation (moving goods from one place to another).

Transportation is a key aspect of logistics that deals with physically moving goods from one location to another. It involves choosing the best way to transport goods, whether by truck, train, ship, or plane, and planning the most efficient routes. Transportation is essential for ensuring that goods are delivered on time and in good condition.

Similarities and Differences:
– All three—supply chain, logistics, and transportation—are essential for getting products to customers.
– They work together to ensure that goods are produced efficiently, stored properly, and delivered on time.
– The supply chain is the overall process, logistics is the detailed planning and management, and transportation is the physical movement of goods.
– While the supply chain and logistics focus on the entire process, transportation specifically deals with the movement of goods between locations.

In summary, the supply chain is the big picture, logistics is the detailed planning, and transportation is the physical movement of goods, all working together to ensure products are delivered efficiently and on time.

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