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A Comprehensive Guide To B2B Last-Mile Delivery

In today’s era of globalisation and an ever-changing business environment, it has become essential that businesses optimise supply chains efficiently. For many businesses, a hidden hurdle lurks at the very end of the journey: last-mile delivery. During transportation, the final leg, i.e., getting products from the warehouse to the receiving business–can make or break customer […]

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Components Of Cold Chain Logistics And How They Work?

Cold chain logistics plays an important role in keeping the products fresh and in optimal condition until they reach their destination. Perishable food products like dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables along with medicine and certain chemicals need to be kept in temperature-regulated environments during transit and storage. However, this system is more complex than it

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Warehouse Terminology Simplified: Your Go-To Guide

Understanding warehouse terminology is crucial, as words and acronyms can have different meanings. For example, “ETD” can stand for either estimated time of delivery or estimated time of departure, depending on the context. It’s always a good idea to ask if you’re unsure about a term. When communicating with vendors or clients, it’s best to

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Unlocking India’s Horticulture Potential

Overcoming Challenges for Global Success🌱🍇🍊   India’s horticulture sector is flourishing, with the country producing an impressive 320 million tonnes of horticulture produce, surpassing food grain production. This success is achieved from a much smaller land area, with 25.66 million hectares dedicated to horticulture compared to 127.6 million hectares for food grains. India has established

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What is Pallet ?

Unlocking the Power of Pallets Pallets, the unsung heroes of warehousing, are the structural backbone that ensures safe handling and transport of unit loads. Originating in the 20th century, pallets revolutionized logistics, replacing inefficient loose stacking. World War II prompted enhancements like pallet reuse, double stacking for fragile items, and the introduction of pallet pooling.

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How Does A Cold Storage Work?

🌡️Understanding the Basics: Cold storage, a haven for perishable items, operates on a refrigeration system with key components: – Compressor: Powers the cold room, consuming the bulk of its energy. – Condenser: Removes heat from the refrigerant, ensuring efficient cooling. – Receiver: Stores high-pressure liquid condensate before it heads to the expansion valve. – Expansion

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