February 2024

What is Pallet ?

Unlocking the Power of Pallets Pallets, the unsung heroes of warehousing, are the structural backbone that ensures safe handling and transport of unit loads. Originating in the 20th century, pallets revolutionized logistics, replacing inefficient loose stacking. World War II prompted enhancements like pallet reuse, double stacking for fragile items, and the introduction of pallet pooling. […]

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How Does A Cold Storage Work?

🌡️Understanding the Basics: Cold storage, a haven for perishable items, operates on a refrigeration system with key components: – Compressor: Powers the cold room, consuming the bulk of its energy. – Condenser: Removes heat from the refrigerant, ensuring efficient cooling. – Receiver: Stores high-pressure liquid condensate before it heads to the expansion valve. – Expansion

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